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"Writers have portrayed Mom as being a teenage whore. Because she happened to be the mother of Charles Manson, she is downgraded. I prefer to call her a flower child of the 30s, thirty years ahead of the times. Her reasons for leaving home were no different than those kids that I became involved with in the 60s.

And like those kids, she chose to be homeless on the streets instead of catering to one-sided demands of parents who view things only as they believe they should be.

Some day parents will wake up. Children are not dummies; a home life is a multi-directioned street, and all ways of life should be considered and understood.”

— Charles Manson

  • (As wrote in: Manson in His Own Words)


More fan mail to Charles Manson. That’s quite possibly the best closing I’ve ever read.


Somebody wrote to Manson and got this reply in the mail—not from Manson…

Holy crap

What advice do you have for kids aged under 18 looking for a writing career and can't wait till school is done? By the way, I couldn't imagine my life without Fight Club and can't wait for the sequel. Thank you


Don’t forget to live a life WORTH  writing about.  Don’t start turning your experience into a commodity until you’re at least 31 years old.  Don’t die. 

This man is one of my all-time favourites